Management Dashboard

UI/UX Designer // 2022 // Life House


In the context of the design of a new B2B product launch by Life House, on of my mission was to design the reporting dashboard gathering all the key datas.

Building a dashboard offering the ability to filter by time periods and compare against specific metrics. The user doesn't require any mental maths to understand the KPI's and figure out how he's performing.


Mapping out the different flows and building out the wires for different directions.

UI Direction

We chose the look and feel of the UI to match the editorial feels of the Life House branding.

The typeface sweet sans pro was chosen to readability. By contrast, Seta Reta is kept for the title and emphasize the luxurious and editorial feel.

Note that the screens at the beginning and ending of the flow includes photos, this helps to drive the user. The screen in between are more straight forward an operational without frills.

That's it!
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