Booking Flow

Allow the guests to engage with a branded booking & stay experience on mobile


Life House


UX/UI & Branding


iOs app




2021 - 2022

What are we solving

The current guest app experience is suboptimal, unreliable and simply not reflective of a tech-enabled hospitality brand. We started by rethinking the entire user flow.

We also rethought the UI skin of the app to be more on-brand. Starting with the home screen, which is now called "Explore."

Your old site is the best prototype for your new website. Based on the existing, we designed this new explore screen implementing an on-brand UI experience celebrating each property's identity.

Seamless booking flow

The booking flow has been redesigned to be seamless and on-brand from the start to the end.

Throughout the flow, the UI respects the colour brand defined for the property, guiding the user and allowing him to get familiar.

New payment methods added to facilitate the transaction, the confirmation screen has been redesigned to provide relevant info to the guest.


We noticed an increase in the number of downloads after booking and connection before check-in. At the moment, about 32% of guests are using the app to check in. We received positive feedback from guests and decided to add new features in the future.

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