Create an efficient guest check in experience

UI/UX Designer // 2021 // Life House


This project is an isolate piece of the whole mobile app design experience. To do so we truly focus on the global guest experience in order to offer only meaningful features.

Why the self-check-in feature? Life House, aside of being an hotel company, stand by being a tech company and therefore always looking for tech solutions to improve both life of guests an house managers.

After conduction guests interviews, the idea of the self check in came by itself, indeed they were already using the mobile digital key feature but wasn't seamless as a flow, indeed they had to download the app and registered to match their booking.

Wireframes & User flow

We began by mapping out the user journey and the main flow along the wireframes.

UI Direction

We chose the look and feel of the UI to match the editorial feels of the Life House branding.

The typeface sweet sans pro was chosen to readability. By contrast, Seta Reta is kept for the title and emphasize the luxurious and editorial feel.

Note that the screens at the beginning and ending of the flow includes photos, this helps to drive the user. The screen in between are more straight forward an operational without frills.


We noticed an increase in the number of downloads from the app store after booking and connection before check-in.

At the moment, 25% of guests are using the app to check in at the property. We received positive feedback and identified a user persona willing to use the app more within the hotel i.e. for room service, book hotel experiences etc...

That's it!
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