Guest check-in

Design of the mobile app feature allowing guests to check in using their phone and facilitate their arrival.


Life House


UI/UX Design


iOs mobile app




2021 - 2022

What are we solving

Improving the overall guest experience by facilitating their arrival are the property. And, improving the mobile app value with adding this key feature.

We thought of a new flow pushing time-framed notifications into the users journey after their booking and making the app more proeminent.

Seamless flow

The flow is more embedded in the user journey and following the stages of the stay.

The screens were designed to simplify the experience, with no scroll and avoiding complex interactions.

Operational & Minimalistic

We strived to keep the UI simple and operational avoiding with a clearly identifiable actions on each screens.


We noticed an increase in the number of downloads from the app store after booking and connections before check-in. At the moment, 32% of guests are using the app to check-in. We received positive feedback and identified a user persona willing to engage more with the app.

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